Midway Affirm 360 Support As X05 Nears

Midway Games has affirmed its support for the Xbox 360 as the X05 show draws near. “We are very enthusiastic to extend our support for Microsoft from the current generation of Xbox to the dawning of a new era in interactive entertainment, beginning with Xbox 360,” commented Midway’s president and chief executive officer, David F. Zucker. “We have resources at all of our internal development studios currently working on Xbox 360 games, and we believe that the system is core to our success in the upcoming console cycle.”

Martin Spiess, Midway Games Limited’s Managing Director – Europe, said, “The backdrop of X05 is ideal to debut Xbox 360 in Europe. Amsterdam is the perfect blend of the rich historical legacy of Europe coupled with an innovative, forward-thinking attitude, much like the next generation of interactive entertainment will combine elements of classic gaming with as-yet-unseen gameplay and convergence of multiple forms of entertainment.”

Midway’s first title for Xbox 360, expected to launch in 2006, is Stranglehold, an intense action game developed in collaboration with world renowned action film director, Tiger Hill Entertainment. Stranglehold will bring John Woo’s famous use of hyperkinetic, choreographed action and slow motion sequences to the video game arena and will also feature the likeness and voice talent of international action film star, Chow Yun-Fat (Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hard Boiled).