Microsoft try and get a writer sacked

It’s been discussed over a couple of forums, but now the final article is up. Ben Paddon, a writer for GamePartisan, recently moved to America from the UK, and had a whole load of trouble taking his Xbox Live account with him. After six months of being entirely unhelpful on the phone, ignoring Ben’s e-mails, and telling him he should consider just going back to the UK (no, really), Microsoft decided to try a different approach:

“They have been evasive, rude, bigoted and downright offensive to me on the phone and by email. This was punctuated by a conversation yesterday between a Microsoft rep and our Editor in Chief, Jonny DeViney, where Microsoft effectively asked DeViney to drop me from the editorial team to “remove any potential sources of contention” between GP and Microsoft.”

So, apparently treating your customers with a bit of respect is a lot harder than just getting them sacked. You’d think that PR people the world over would’ve taken the public’s reaction to the whole Kane & Lynch/Gamespot debacle as a pretty severe warning, but I guess the Microsoft rep in question feels the company’s reputation could do with being dragged through the mud a little…