Microsoft to take on PS3 with Halo 3 in March 2007?

IGN is currently reporting that they have the scoop that the long awaited Halo 3 will hit stores for Xbox 360 in March 2007.

Many will be disappointed that it will miss the Holiday 2006 period, but it could be viewed as a strategic timing, in attempt to take attention away from the PS3. Consider the fact that a worldwide PS3 launch in November will lead to shortages over the Christmas period. Microsoft has already stated its confidence in its original titles due for release in the Christmas period such as Gears of War and Viva Piñata. Therefore it makes sense not to overshadow those titles, which are sought after by gamers enough, and then allowing Halo 3 to launch, when PS3 shortages will undoubtedly ease, therefore diverting attention away from the console. By dropping the price of the Xbox 360, launching big hitting titles at Christmas, followed by Halo 3 early in the new year, and Halo the movie in Summer 2007, Microsoft is ensuring that Xbox 360 stays in the light amongst the most crucial time in the PS3’s launch period.

Please note this is pure speculation at the moment, but does make sense when you think about it. We as always, will learn more at E3 in May, where if this info is true, we are bound to see for the first time the next in the Halo series.

Source: IGN