Microsoft showcase Project Natal, Minority Report style motion control camera

At E3 Microsoft have debuted thier motion controller camera peripheral – they call it Project Natal.  “Can we go beyond a controller? Can we make you the controller? We can,” shouts Microsoft’s Don Mattrick at the reveal.

As Don said, the camera is all about making you the controller. This is showcased in many ways at the conference, with an avatar challenging people to a fight letting players punch back, people driving a car just by leaning left and right pretending to hold a steering wheel, shooting a giant monster by mimicking holding a gun, kicking a ball, and pressing imaginary buzzers in a quiz game.

That is not all though, as the camera also has a built in mic to control certain things with your voice, and can instantly recognises your face and signs you in automatically when you sit down on your sofa. Cool! You can also now move between categories on the dashboard Minority Report style by just waving you hands about.

“It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about no wheel at all,” say Don Mattrick boastfully.