Microsoft reveals NXE storage solution for HD-less gamers

At the weekend, we reported that the New Xbox Experience dashboard for the Xbox 360 would take up 128MB of memory. The fact that the Xbox 360 does not come with a Hard Drive as standard means that this created a potential problem for Microsoft, who obviously would not want anyone to miss out on their ‘software revolution’.

Now Xbox 360 owners with a Core or Arcade console can log onto Microsoft’s special Xbox Storage Upgrade website, put in their console’s serial and ID numbers and get access to some exclusive offers. These differ depending on your specific storage situation, and the full list is as follows:

Active LIVE members with a Core system and only a 64MB memory unit – Either a free 512MB Memory Unit or a 20GB HDD for just £12.99

Active LIVE members with a Core/Arcade system and a 256MB or 512MB Memory Unit – Only get offered the 20GB HDD for £12.99 as technically they already have enough space for the update.

Inactive LIVE members (not connected online in the last 12 months) with a Core/Arcade system – A 20GB HDD and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold Membership for £19.99

The New Xbox Experience will be a free mandatory download that hits on the 19th of November.