Microsoft increasing price of Xbox360 Arcade Model

Xbox 360 Arcade Model

Several websites are reporting that Microsoft will be increasing the RRP of the Xbox 360 Arcade Model from £129.99 to £159.99 from the 1st September. Apparently, the five XBLA games will no longer be included within the bundle either.

This information has come from a number of British retailers who have received official communication from Microsoft to this effect. The console maker also confirmed that they would be increasing the price of accessories such as joypads and headsets by several pounds too. Supposedly these increases are an attempt by Microsoft to counteract the poor pound-to-Euro currency exchange rate.

If this information is correct, then it seems bizarre that Microsoft would be increasing the price of their low-end hardware, when it’s heavily rumoured that they will be discontinuing the Pro Model and dropping the price of the 120GB Elite Model down to around £169.99.

We’d speculate that some of these rumours must be incorrect, as ending up with a £10 price difference between the Arcade and Elite 360’s would be ludicrous. Let’s hope we get some clarification from Microsoft in their press conference this Wednesday at Gamescom.