Microsoft confirms Lips, Avatars and new-look Dashboard

As DarkZero reported almost a month ago, Microsoft is releasing their answer to Sony’s Singstar, with their karaoke game Lips. As previously mentioned, Lips will allow players to use their own music collection to sing-along to. You can even simply plug in your Zune or iPod to the Xbox 360.

Avatars will also be coming to Xbox Live. Think of a midway point between Nintendo’s Mii’s and Sony’s Home and you’ll have a good idea of where Microsoft is heading with this. Along with these new representations of 360 gamers will come the Community Channel.

Says John Schappert , head of Live services and software. “”The new look and feel is more fun, more social, and simpler to use. You’ll have a Gamercard, but there’s also something new… it’ll be more personal with avatars. Express your personality and style, share it with your community and friends. … pants, shirts, hats… everything you need, it’s all here.”

“Create, share, and have fun with all of your friends… but avatars are just the beginning. The new Xbox is tailored for the living room. Here we are at the community channel — instead of a list of friends, you actually see them. You can chat with or send messages to your friends, but there’s something new: create a Live party, private groups of up to 8 people, always connected and chatting as a party.”

The upgraded Dashboard will also feature 3D-style slides instead of the current blades, hopefully giving you a better overview of the different sections of the Dashboard.