Microsoft confirms Euro Xbox 360 price drop

Microsoft confirmed today that there will be an official price drop in Europe for the Xbox 360. The Arcade unit will now sell for just £129.99 /€179.99 making it £50 cheaper than the Wii.

The Premium Unit (which now comes with a 60GB hard drive) will retail for £169.99 / €239.99, still £10 cheaper than the Wii, and a whopping £130 less than the recently-released 80GB Playstation 3.

The 120GB Elite Unit will now sell for just £229.99 / €299.99, which in comparison to the 160GB PS3 that will be released on 31st October is a £110 difference.

These prices will be effective from the 19th September, so pity any poor sod who buys a 360 between now and then.

“Xbox 360 has now sold over 20 million consoles worldwide and due to its unprecedented success, we are now able to pass on the rewards of that success to the consumer with a new retail pricing from £129.99,” commented Neil Thompson, senior regional director for Microsoft UK.

“With more games, more entertainment with Xbox Live and now even more value, we are looking forward to welcoming more customers into the leading next generation console, Xbox 360.”

After the recent price drops in the US, sales of Microsoft’s box more than doubled. We shall have to wait and see if Europe follows suit.