Microsoft admits faulty Xbox360s

After reports of xbox360s overheating and freezing up started surfacing in North America hours after the system launched, Microsoft has admitted that some of the 360s shiped have been faulty

[i]Microsoft has admitted that it has received isolated reports of technical problems with its new Xbox 360 games console, which launched in the US on Tuesday amid much excitement.

Most stores have now sold out of the new console and Microsoft is struggling to make enough Xboxes to meet demand. British retailers have warned that they may not have the consoles in stock in time for the UK launch on December 2.

Some American enthusiasts who did manage to get their hands on the new machine have complained that their Xbox keeps crashing during start-up or game play. On, an online forum dedicated to Xbox gaming, nine members reported that they were having problems with their consoles.

Most reported that games would freeze, graphics would be distorted or the screen would go blank.

“It’s a few reports of consoles here and there not working properly,” said Molly O’Donnell, a spokeswoman for Microsoft’s Xbox division. “It’s what you would expect with a consumer electronics instrument of this complexity.”

Ms O’Donnell urged anyone with Xbox problems to go to If the problem could not be resolved immediately, she said, Microsoft would pay to ship the console to and from a repair centre, or provide a replacement if the fault could not be repaired.

Apple, one of Microsoft’s big rivals, recently had to alter the design of its iPod Nano after customers complained that screens on the early versions of the digital music player became scratched too easily. [/i]