Michael Vick Getting Chop From Madden 08

EA has announced that come September 6th Michael ‘I kill dogs‘ Vick will no longer play a part in the Madden 08 roster. The chop comes from Vick facing federal charges stemming from his involvement in dogfighting operations. EA reveal that the player will be removed from the Madden NFL 08 in the next mandatory roster update thus making him an unplayable character during online matches. Vick will be replaced by Joey Harrington.

Vick recently filled a written plea agreement in federal court admitting to taking part in the killing of six to eight pit bulls, and supplying money for gambling on the fights. According to the plea agreement, Vick also funded Bad Newz Kennels, an organization that sponsored, bred, and trained approximately 54 pit bulls for the purposes of dogfighting. If that’s not bad enough Vick is also cited in alleged involvement of shooting, drowning, and electrocuting the animals.

It’s very straight forward for us,” said Tyrone Miller, Senior PR Manager for Electronic Arts. “If they are playing on a team this year, they will be in the game. If they aren’t, they won’t. It has nothing to do with the players themselves.