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MGSV to Feature Microtransactions

Konami have recently revealed to GameSpot that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will feature microtransactions. The microtransactions will only feature in the games multiplayer mode, Forward Operating Base (FOB), in which players build up their own offshore base and attack bases owned by other players. The bases are built up by using currency and items gained in the single player game or by using real world currency to purchase MB coins. Konami claim that nothing is locked behind a paywall and that using real world currencies only works to accelerate the building of your FOB. Although this seems a little counter intuitive to me for two reasons. Firstly players who just pay to build a stronger base on day one will clearly have an advantage over those who take the time to build their base by earning in game currency. Secondly one of the main talking points of MGSV was that one of the game’s biggest hooks was going out into the world and gaining the materials to build up your base. Obviously players who chose to pay to build a stronger base from the get go will be removing one of the game’s biggest hooks immediately which in turn will most likely effect the longevity of the game for them.


In order to access the multiplayer component of the game players will have to purchase the initial FOB starter base in Mother Base which can be done with in game or real world currency. The servers for the FOB mode will go live on September 1st alongside the launch of MGSV and Konami have promised to reveal more details then.