Metroid Prime 2 to feature multiplayer mode?

Metroid 2 (dev name) is now expected to be shown in either video or playable form at E3 2004. According to two separate sources close to Nintendo, the title will this time around include not only a deep single-player experience which the original was famous for but also a full-blown multiplayer one, too.

It has been said that the idea has been part of the design spec for the game since the original was released. It is not known if the addition will include support for two or four-player split-screen battles, or if it will incorporate deathmatchs or maybe even a co-op mode.

If the idea does make it into the finished product the longevity of the game will definitely be extended, many said that the first GC outing was a “Prime” example of quality over quantity, here is hoping multiplayer can make the experience even better.

If any more news breaks, DarkZero will get back to you!

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