Metal Gear Solid 3 preorder, stockholder bonuses

TOKYO–Konami Computer Entertainment Japan announced today that it will be giving away free copies of Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater to its shareholders as a special benefit. Investors who own 100 or more shares of KCEJ stock by September 30 will be eligible for the gift, which will be sent by mail on the day of its release. At the current time, KCEJ stock is priced at 1,820 yen ($16.50) per share.

KCEJ has also launched a preorder campaign for Metal Gear Solid 3 in Japan, where customers who order the PlayStation 2 game early will receive a bonus disc that will include six soundtracks, a music video clip, and a screensaver for Windows. The disc can also be used to unlock a special camouflage costume pattern for Snake. The list of tracks on the bonus CD is as follows

Snake Eater (Abstracted camouflage), vocals by Cynthia Harrell
Infiltration Into the Jungle
The Treading Behemoth
Snake Eater (Japanese version), vocals by W.A

source Gamespot