Metal Gear Online updating on July 17th

Konami have taken the time out to shout in our inbox and tell us that Metal Gear Online will see an update this Thursday, as ‘MGO Gene Expansion‘ will be available to download from July 17th for €9.99. Konami comment that the download will add a number of new features to the basic game, including new three new maps.

According to the press release the maps will be ‘Coppertown Conflict,’ which boasts wide, open streets, ‘Tomb of Tubes’ is apparently a labyrinth of underground passages, while ‘Virtuous Vista’ which Konami describe as a sprawling outdoor locale, and ideally suited to medium and long-range combat techniques.

A new game mode called ‘Survival’ will be added to. In this mode it is said that “players are charged with staying alive for as long as possible within a series of increasingly challenging stages, while a Reward Shop has been added wherein accrued points can be traded for new gear.

Furthermore, the new add-on also add Meryl and Johnny from MGS 4 to the list of playable characters, both of whom will boast unique skills, and will be randomly allocated to players when their use is enabled. Finally, the option to create female soldiers for those creating new characters is now in there to. Hooray!