Metal Gear Online Beta Starts In Japan This August

As part of the 20th Anniversary party for the Metal Gear series Konami have announced that 3,000 very special players will be selected to participate in a beta program for the recently announced Metal Gear Online, which will go live in Japan on August 20th and will continue until September 3rd. For those who match up with the criteria, AKA are reading this from Japan, then you can apply at the Kojima Productions website as of today. Unfortunately, no similar program has been announced for the rest of the world as of yet.

Konami boast that MGO “showcases the all-new proprietary SOP system: a cornerstone gameplay mechanic that encourages players to link together with team-mates’ nanomachines to build a matrix of real-time information that includes compatriots’ whereabouts, battle condition, and location of nearest enemy.” No, we dont really know what that means either.