Metal Gear Movie Is A Go

You may remember a good few months back that we reported that a Metal Gear movie was on the way. Well, its being a long time since we reported that, but now Gamespot are following up and after eight months in obscurity, the identity of the aforementioned “party” mentioned by Kojima all those months ago is now known.

We’re working with the Metal Gear guys,” Sony Pictures Entertainment vice chairman Yair Landau told GameSpot following his D.I.C.E. Summit keynote in Las Vegas. “It’s a very cinematic game, it really lends itself to movie-telling. But the question is, ‘How do you translate Snake’s experience into a full arc that conforms to what audiences expect on the large screen?’

That all Landau said on the matter but everything seems to be shaping up well for a game to movie transition that could actually be worth watching.

So there you have it – all sounds great with Metal Gear but of course Landau could not shut up and kept talking. “There are other games we are looking to develop,” the executive said. “We’re working with one of my favorite producers right now on an idea for an EverQuest movie.” When asked about the producer of the movie Landau declined to name him and instead said “I’ll let him disclose that