Merry Christmas From DarkZero

It’s Christmas… you know that time of the year where Mary Poppins will tell you she is ‘practically perfect in every way‘ at least once… IT’S UNAVOIDABLE!! As you would expect this means we will be taking a day or two off from updating the site to greet and/or dread our relations coming around to pinch all our cheeks and tell us how lovely we are.

For those of you that are worried – well there might be one or two – have no fear as we will be back sometime over the course of the next week with loads of updates reminiscing about all the wonderful events we have seen over 2006 and of course presenting the third incarnation of the now annual DarkZero awards.

– We hope all of you get what were wishing for for Christmas!
– We hope any of our older readers have found what their kids wanted – which can be a hard task at times!
– We hope some of your older relations don’t buy you that Happy Feet game just cause they don’t know any better!
– We hope you found a Wii – if you were looking for one!
– We hope you use your wrist strap and don’t get the Wiimote lost in your Turkey!
– We hope some extra Christmas cash helps you in your quest for PS3 – if you are waiting!

Merry Christmas all… yes even you there in the corner hiding! Thanks to everyone reading this message… even if you have being with us all year or this is the first time you’ve stumbled onto the site.

Everyone On The DZ Staff