MCV Reveal Wii Price And Possible Launch Date

MCV are reporting that Nintendo has chosen to launch its next generation console at £149 ($278/€219.), which is not quite as cheap as some expect and not quite as expensive as others may have thought, in fact we hasten to say that it is the metaphorical “just right.”

This makes Wii £50 cheaper than the Core Xbox 360 Pack and an whopping £275 cheaper than PS3. MCV also expects Wii to launch shortly before Friday November 24th in the UK, giving it a lengthy spell at retail in the run-up to Christmas.

Senior industry sources have confirmed to MCV that Wii stock availability will not be an issue in the UK, with plentiful supplies anticipated for both the November launch and the Christmas run-in. This should eradicate any pre-order woes and will be enough to satisfy demand across retail.

Before we close up this news we should add that this news is still not official news staight from Nintendo but MCV is a well respected and usually reliable source so this is the closest we have some to an official words as of yet.