Mass Effect Confirmed For PC

EA have sent out a press release confirming that they will be publishing Mass Effect for the PC. The game will go on will go on sale at an as yet unspecified date in May 2008. In the press release they boast that the PC version of the game will offer some upgrades from the 360 version, with controls designed specifically for the PC, high resolution visuals, hotkeys for easy access to different biotic powers and skills, along with and the ability for players to re-map the control scheme any way they like. The game will also boast a new decryption mini-game, along with a new inventory screen that supposedly makes it easier for players to equip and modify their weapons and armor.

Mass Effect serves as a powerful example of video games as an art form, delivering new levels of emotional intensity, realistic characters and a gripping storyline – all set in a compelling new universe,” said Ray Muzyka, General Manager, BioWare and Vice President, Electronic Arts. Frank Gibeau, President of EA’s Games Label added, “EA has struck an agreement with Microsoft to handle future publishing for Mass Effect. We are looking forward to releasing Mass Effect on the PC this Spring and brand new titles in the future.