Mass Effect 2 coming ‘soon but not real soon’


In an interview with Gamespot, BioWare’s senior manager Matt Atwood has spoken about Mass Effect and future titles in the series. He commented about the furore the game caused in some parts of the media, and revealed that he though the game sexual scenes were “really tastefully handled.” He went on to say that “We believe in integrity and not gratuity, and Mass Effect doesn’t have gratuity at all.” I suppose most would end up thinking exactly the same, but sadly many caused the unnecessary uproar having not even played, or perhaps seen the game at all.

Then, when question about Mass Effect 2 he said that the game is unlikely to take as long to develop than the first game did. “Well, the first one took three and a half years, but because we’ve got a lot of the tools and a base level now, it’s not going to take that long. I’d say soon, but not real soon,” he commented. However, he refused to give any solid details as to what upgrades the gameplay would garner in the sequel.