Marvel Heroes closes down for good, weeks before schedule

Gazillion Entertainment have announced that their free-to-play RPG Marvel Heroes is closing down immediately, instead of the intended shutter date of 31 December, 2017.

The developer notified fans via Twitter last night, sharing that the entire studio will also be closed:

No reason was publicly provided, but a letter written by Gazillion CEO Dave Dohrmann and seen by outlet MassivelyOP reveals that banking creditors had decided to end all support for the company immediately, which resulted in almost every employee being let go and all related perks such as paid overtime being cancelled.

The company has been in turmoil since the closure of Marvel Heroes was announced, with a round of lay-offs taking place on the day before Thanksgiving (23 November). It seems things have only gotten worse, with the entire company now closing down entirely.

Players have been attempting to get refunds on both the PC and console versions, with many feeling that they haven’t gotten their moneys worth considering plenty bought into the various DLC packages on offer. One developer pleaded, however, that players do not request refunds — reminding them that the majority of devs “were not paid out PTO, severance, and our medical insurance is ending in 8 days.”