Mario’s 20th Birthday

Mamma Mia! Prepare to don your dungarees in recognition of the 20th birthday of the world’s original video game royalty! Developed by legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, a cap-wearing Brookland plumber might not be the most likely of gaming heroes, but in the last 20 years Mario, of Super Mario Bros fame, has captured the hearts and minds of millions.

In the early 1980s a small Japanese games card manufacturer called Nintendo revolutionised the entertainment industry by making a bold move into the fledgling computer games industry, a move that would later come to define the company’s future. One of the company’s first titles was the Donkey Kong arcade game, starring a small moustached Italian American called Jump-Man. In 1985 this character featured in his first ever dedicated game and re-launched with the new iconic name – MARIO.

Twenty years after this first appearance, Mario has become one of the best-known video games characters in the world. The Mario franchise has to date sold 190 million games around the world, across eight Nintendo consoles and has launched a hugely successful range of spin-offs including a motion picture, a cartoon series and numerous toy ranges loved by generations.

In celebration of the 20th birthday of the world’s most famous plumber, Nintendo has declared November ‘Mario Month’. To celebrate, Nintendo will be launching a staggering six Mario titles. Furthermore Mario Smash Football kicks off with an exciting bundle containing an exclusive pearl white Nintendo GameCube console!

As well as Mario Smash Football, the Nintendo GameCube will take on a distinctly active feel with the launch of Dancing Stage Mario Mix and Mario Baseball during Mario Month. The Game Boy Advance will see the launch of Mario Power Tennis and classic puzzle fest Dr Mario and Puzzle League. Finally the Nintendo DS will be supported by the launch of one of the most anticipated games of the year, Mario Kart DS.

A release schedule for the Mario Games detailed below

Nintendo GameCube
Dancing Stage Mario Mix – 28th October 2005
Mario Baseball – 11th November 2005
Mario Smash Football – 18th November 2005

Game Boy Advance
DR Mario & Puzzle League – 4th November 2005
Mario Power Tennis – 18th November 2005
Nintendo DS[/b]
Mario Kart DS – 25th November 2005