Mario & Luigi 2 Launch Date Announced

Double the brothers, double the trouble as Mario and Luigi hit the Nintendo DS in their exciting new adventure, Mario & Luigi Partners In Time. Join the Mario Bros in one of their most insane adventures yet as they indulge in a spot of time travel, bump into themselves as babies and generally save the world. Mario & Luigi Partners In Time will pull Europe kicking and screaming into a temporal rift on 10th February 2006.

In their second adventure, Mario & Luigi team up to save Princess Peach from the clutches of the Shroobs, monsters from the Dark Purple Mushroom planet. Peach is captured as she tests a newly invented time machine, so it’s left up to our heroes, Mario and Luigi, to use the time warp portals to save the Princess and stop the Mushroom Kingdom being taken over by one of the weirdest enemies ever seen.

But they’re not alone; diapers and dummies can mean only one thing, Baby Mario & Luigi are making a return as well! During their time travels the Mario Bros bump into themselves as babies. As well as working in pairs, all four Mario Bros can team up when the going gets tough. Two heads may be better than one, but four are definitely better than two! Brothers should always stick together and the Mario Bros certainly do – allowing them to perform special moves and use their combined abilities to tackle the obstacles in their way. They can also split up and solve puzzles by accessing different areas at the same time.Launching on the Nintendo DS, Mario & Luigi Partners In Time takes full advantage of the console’s dual screens. Battle scenes span over both displays giving action scenes a full dramatic affect and for enemies that are so big, or just plain weird, a single screen is simply not enough!

So prepare to step back in time for another wacky adventure from Nintendo. Mario & Luigi Partners in Time goes on sale across Europe on 10th February 2006 at the estimated retail price of around £29.99.