Mario Kart gets first new downloadable content


No need to find your contact lenses, you read the title correctly. That’s right, up until now only American and Japanese Wii gamers have been able to experience downloadable content on the Wii through Super Smash Bros. Brawl. But now everyone’s favourite kart racer has slid into the DLC action.

Mario Kart Wii has already seen tweaks to existing tracks for the online Tournament mode, but this is the first complete brand new content for the title, in the form of a new arena and enemy.

Taking a cue from Mario Kart DS’s Mission mode, the new Galaxy Arena tasks the player to bash around several of the Spiky Topmen who were last seen knocking Mario into space in Super Mario Galaxy. The aim of this mission being, to knock four of the baddies off the side of the stage in as short a time as possible.

Admittedly the downside of this news is that this mode and arena are only available when competing in the online Tournament mode and not in offline multiplayer, but it’s still nice to see that Nintendo has bothered to create some new content for Mario Kart Wii.

You can watch a video of the new Tournament being played here, while I wish for a DLC that adds R.O.B. as a playable character.

I miss you little robot buddy…