Mario Kart DS Track Line Up

The final track list for Mario Kart DS has emerged on the internet. The tracks are made up of two modes, Nitro and Retro with each mode containing 4 cups each. There is sure to be a track for everyone with tracks spanning the entire catalogue of nintendo consoles, from the SNES to the Gamecube Mario Kart DS is due out on Novermber 25th in Europe and is the first game to take advantage of the Nintendo DS Wifi Connection, The full track list can be found in full below.

Retro Mode

Shell Cup
Mario Circuit
Moo Moo Farm
Peach Circuit
Luigi Circuit

Banana Cup
Donut Plains 1
Frappe Snowland
Bowser Castle 2
Baby Park

Leaf Cup
Koopa Beach 2
Choco Mountain
Luigi Circuit
Mushroom Bridge

Lightning Cup
Choco Island 2
Banshee Boardwalk
Sky Garden
Yoshi Circuit

Nitro Mode

Mushroom Cup
Figure-8 Circuit
Yoshi Falls
Cheep Cheep Beach
Luigi’s Mansion

Flower Cup
Desert Hills
Delfino Square
Waluigi Pinball
Shroom Ridge

Star Cup
DK Pass
Tick-Tock Clock
Mario Circuit
Airship Fortress

Special Cup
Wario Stadium
Peach Gardens
Bowser Castle
Rainbow Road