Mario Is Playing Baseball, Donkey Is Kongaing, Kirb

In a rather impromptu announcement Nintendo today revealed three new games that they have in development. Actually there may not have been even an announcement, no press release nothing spectacular just 3 sets off screenshots showing some new titles that we may be playing come 2005!

It is likely Mario Baseball will feature the likes of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Wario but as baseball teams consist of 9 or more player how will Nintendo fill the squads? It is likely they will raid the back-catalogue and some very impressive baseball teams maybe included in the game. Imagine a team consisting fully off Kid Koopas!

Funky Kong is included in the screenshots for Konga 3 so it is almost certain he will be included in the game somehow and judging bye the Kirby screenshots it look like we have another 2.5D game on the way akin to Viewtiful Joe.

Nintendo is keeping hush-hush on all the titles but expect to hear more on “Mario Baseball”, “Donkey Konga 3”, and an as-yet untitled Kirby game in the close future.

More news to come as soon as we get it!