Mario and Luigi 2 Info

Nintendo has revealed some more info this morning on its upcoming RPG for the Nintendo DS, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. It was quietly revealed last week that the game will make use of the recently released rumble pack, specifically when performing a powerful attack, a lucky hit, or cause an explosion.

The story involves Princess Peach disappearing into professor Gadd’s time machine, leaving Mario and Luigi to give chase. Through the course of their journey they will come across baby version of themselves and meet various enemies and friends along the way including Bowser, Toadsworth, Kamek and Yoshi.

The game will make use of both screens and will involve you having to use both Mario and luigi together to solve puzzle’s and battle enemies. As this is an RPG you will be able to level up your heroes along the way.

Mario and Luigi 2 Partners in Time is expected to be out before Christmas.