Marble Blast Ultra On Marketplace

One of the most anticipated Xbox Live Arcade games has finally been released and is on the marketplace for download. If you do not know what Marble Blast Ultra is about you should think about Super Monkey Ball (but slightly different) then you should be familiar with the gameplay.

Marble Blast Ultra challanges you to race your marbles through a futuristic Astrolabe Arena of moving platforms and perilous obstacles. Collect rare gems and valuable power-ups to increase your speed, jumping ability or flight power. Roll your way to the top of the leaderboards, challenge yourself to gain all 12 achievements and search the arena all 20 elusive Easter eggs. Take your marbles on Xbox 360 Live! with up to seven opponents in an all out multiplayer blast fest to see who can collect the most gems before time runs out. Choose from 60 single-player levels, or compete on Live! on an additional 10 multiplayer levels.

The download will only cost you 800 points but there is also a demo on the marketplace for those still unsure if they should spend some cash on it.