Marathon Coming to XBLA this Week

Microsoft has announced that this week, they will have two titles gracing Xbox Live Arcade. The first will be the anticipated, and only recently announced, Marathon Durandal, and the next is a collection of Spyglass Board Games. Both will come to XBLA this Wednesday morning, August 1th.

Marathon: Durandal, which has been rated M by the ESRB and will be retailing for 800 Microsoft Points, is the cult first person shooter, and largely underappreciated predecessor to the Halo franchise by Bungie. The game tells the tale of the protagonist been awakened by the enigmatic, sentient A.I. called Durandal and sent to an alien world to uncover the mysteries of their advanced technology. The XBLA version of game boast upgraded visuals, with all images in the game have been redrawn in high definition and the exciting option of eight player co-op play.

Spyglass Board Games, a little tamer in comparison, will retail for 400 Microsoft Points and offers a fun new take on four classic board games – Chess, Checkers, Mancala, and Reversi – and allows for play and chat socially on Xbox or against the computer. The game also boasts use of the Xbox Live Vision camera and the ability to personalize the game board, playing pieces, and video effects to your hearts desire.