Manhunt 2 Rated Adults Only In The US

Following yesterdays ruling where the BBFC stated that no stores in the UK will be allowed to legally sell Manhunt 2, well at least in its current form anyway, the US ratings arm, the ESRB, have also been doing their jobs and have slapped an AO (Adults Only) rating on Manhunt 2. While this may seem to be good news for gamers that want to play the game it is infact very bad news for Rockstar as the AO rating, the highest of its kind in the US, means that major retailers in the US will not carry the title Manhunt 2 which will severely hurt sales of the game for the company.

Take Two have commented on the rating by releasing the following statement: “We believe the process of rating video games is to help people make informed entertainment choices and not to limit them. Manhunt 2 was created for mature audiences and we strongly believe it should receive an M (Mature) rating, aligning it with similar content created in other forms of media. We are exploring our options with regard to the rating of Manhunt 2.