Manhunt 2 at long last getting released in UK

A long, long time ago, when everyone at DarkZero was one full year younger, Manhunt 2 had many problems with the British Board of Film Classification. In fact, the game was banned outright, and not granted release in the UK.

Over the course of the last year Rockstar and the BBFC then got a bit vexed at each other, with appeals and challenges flying in from all angles, with one company wanting the game to hit shelves, and the other hoping it would just go away.

As you probably already know this commotion finally got sorted out last Marc,h with the game finally getting approved for release. However, Rockstar did not instantly tag the game with a release date, and left everyone twiddling their thumbs for quite some time.

Well, now it seems the wait is now finally over, as Rockstar have given the game a solid release date in the UK. That date is October 31st, and the game will be available for Wii, PS2 and PSP come that day.

Do you still care?