Maize Feature

Maize – sentient corn

Nobody’s making popcorn out of this corn!

The latest ‘puzzle-adventure’ coming soon is a little more weird than usual. That game is Maize a first-person puzzler revolving around scientist’s making corn sentient.

The game comes for studio Finish Line Games and among the sentient corn in the game you will be faced with an underground research facility and a Russian robot bear who is apparently a bad tempered version of Teddy Rukspin.

The game takes place in the American Heartland near an abandoned house which hides a little underground secret. The story behind the game is based around Monty Python, the more humorous episodes of The X-Files and features environmental puzzles.

All in all the game sounds like a great mix of weird and funny but only time will tell if the gameplay stands up to premis. The game will be coming to Steam around Autumn time at which point, you’ll be able to find out first hand what’s going on in the American Heartland.