Mafia 2 On Show At Games Convention In Leipzig

At the end of 2003, almost four years ago, when DarkZero was first born into the world, the very, very first story we ran was Illusion Softworks Confirm Mafia 2. It was a very weird first story for us to run, and even worse it seems that our very first story ended up been wrong. Thankfully, time heals many wounds, and now, all these years later, we once again bring you news of Mafia 2, and, even better, this time it seems like it is actually happening.

Yes, Take Two has confirmed that Mafia 2 will make an appearance, in trailer form, at the upcoming Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. Not much is known about what the game will be about this time, but seeing as it is keeping the Mafia name it could very well still be set in the 1930’s period of the original. In fact, back all those year ago we commented that Mafia 2 may be a prequel to the original… it would be funny if that turned out to be right!