Mad Catz to Make Revolution Hardware

In an interview with IGN, Senior Product Manager Kern Corrigan had some interesting words to say on the company’s Revolution plans. Sadly no unknown secrets were revealed in the interview.

The company sure seems to have high hopes for the Nintendo Revolution alongside the other next generation consoles as Corrigan’s words were quite confident and seem as though Mad Catz is taking to the Revolution with open arms with many different peripherals.

Mad Catz is excited to offer a full line of Revolution peripherals. We are particularly interested in leveraging unique Mad Catz styling with wireless and motion sensing technology to further strengthen our core controllers for the console. Beyond those core controllers, we are evaluating wheel, arcade stick, dance pad, and other unique input solutions. The challenge is to maintain close relationships with Nintendo to seamlessly integrate these solutions into the Revolution platform.

When questioned about Retro-style controllers for the downloadable Retro content on the Revolution, Corrigan replied, “The library of Nintendo games being offered via the Virtual Console is impressive. Mad Catz will support these games with our core controllers and investigation into retro controller shells is currently under way.

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