Lumines Live Will Have Microtransactions

Most retail Xbox 360 games seem to offer some extras to download these days. Whether it be a simple picture pack our a few new multiplayer maps at least one seems to pop up on the Live Marketplace each day asking us gamers for a little bit more money to have a little bit more fun. The fabled horse armor for Oblivion is probably one of the more talked about microtransaction and in turn also one of the stupidest. But now just over nine months since it all be began we have news of probably one of the stupidest money grabbing use of microtransactions ever. To make things ever worse it for one of the most wanted upcoming XBLA game – Lumines Live.

If a review of the game in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine is to believed (and they have no reason to lie) not only will gamers have to play the high price of 1200 MS points for Lumines Live on Xbox Live Arcade they will also have to spend extra points as their first download will not include the full game.

The review revealed that advancing past a certain point in the game’s Mission and Vs. CPU modes will require the purchase of additional level packs which will retail at 400 MS points and 300 MS points depending on the content.

I don’t know what others will think of this new but Lumines Live was once (up to the point of 10 minutes ago) one of my most wanted XBLA titles but right now I don’t have any intention of downloading it while it comes out.