Lumines Live Confirmed For Oct 18th Release

It seems that Lumines Live! has being rumored to hit Xbox Live since time began, well now a release date has being confirmed and the game is set to be released as soon as the Xbox Live maintenance work is over, which is rumored to be around 2AM CDT (9AM in the UK). Rather disappointingly the high price of the game is now also confirmed and the fact that it is the most expenseive XBLA release yet is hitting some.

Major Nelson writes on his blog that “The full version of the game will be 1200 points. Plus an optional pack for 600 points will also be available that will allow gamers to change their music scene as well as choose from 22 new skins. I’ll post the moment ‘Lumines Live’ is available on the Marketplace. The actual time of availability will depend how the rest of the maintenance goes

Major also posts what the game is about and what features to expect when you purchase the full game:

– Full online multiplayer play over Xbox Live – battle your friends head-to-head
– Classic Lumines gameplay, including Challenge, Puzzle and vs. CPU modes
– All-new Skin Edit Mode allows you to re-mix the order of your unlocked skins to create a custom Lumines experience
– All-new Mission mode presents player with pre-designed Lumines puzzle scenarios
– Dynamic skins, sound effects and music optimized specifically for Lumines Live! in high-definition graphics and 5.1 channel surround audio
– Extensive downloadable content support over Xbox Live Marketplace – add new skins, puzzles, missions, artist packs and more
– Full suite of online leaderboards