Lumines II Soundtrack Announced

As I am huge fan of the original game I am always happy when some Lumines news rears its head. Sadly this joy did not last to long today as Buena Vista Games and Q Entertainment have just announced the track-listing for PSP puzzler Lumines II… and to get straight to the point of the matter I am sure Lumines fans worldwide are going to be hugely disappointed

The original game featured music from popular Japanese group Mondo Grosso, but Lumines II’s listing will be a lot more familiar to westerners, with Beck, Gwen Stefani, New Order and the excellent Go! Team jostling with the likes of Fatboy Slim and Mizuguchi fave the Chemical Brothers. It won’t all be western tunes though – BVG notes that Mondo Grosso – Japanese artist Shinichi Osawa – will return with exclusive tunes, while tracks from Ken Ishii (DJ/producer) and TECHRIDERS, both from Japan, also appear on the soundtrack..

The full listing of songs announced today follows. (tracks labeled with a V will also have music videos in the game – the others are TBC.)

Beck – Black Tambourine (V)
Black Eyed Peas – Pump It (V)
Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (V)
Fatboy Slim – Gangster Trippin’ (V)
The Go! Team – Bottle Rocket (V)
Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl (V)
Hoobastank – Born to Lead (V)
Junior Senior – Take My Time (V)
Junkie XL – Breezer
Ken Ishii – TBA
Missy Elliot – Lose Control (V)
Mondo Grosso – various, exclusive to game
New Order – TBD (V)
Stigmato Inc – Reality Check