LostWinds sequel already confirmed


Europe many have not got its hands on the first game yet, but that has not stopped the guys at Frontier commenting that a sequel for LostWinds is on the way. The first game apparently ended with the words “..to be continued,” so I guess this should not be seen as that big of a surprise.

The new comes from an update on the games official site, asking reader to register. “Click here to REGISTER FOR ADVANCE INFORMATION on Frontier’s forthcoming LostWinds sequel containing amazing new gameplay as Toku and Enril’s incredible adventure to save Mistralis continues,” it reads.

The original, which launched on WiiWare in the US yesterday boasts unique controls thanks to creative use of the Wiimote by the developer, and judging by my impressions we’ve read on the many corners of the net it seems to be quite the compelling game too.