Lost Within Header

Lost Within, an interesting looking mobile horror game from the developers of Prey

Remember when you were excited for Prey 2? That was 4 years ago when the game was demoed at E3 2011, and looked pretty awesome at the time. That demo, and the original Prey, were made by Human Head Studios. Sadly, all signs suggest Prey 2 is completely dead at this point, which is disappointing. Away from Prey, Human Head Studios worked on ports and a selection of small mobile games in the past few years. The studio even survived a massive fire back in 2007.

The latest news is more exciting though, they are working on a new mobile horror game – for the iOS and Kindle Fire platforms. It is called Lost Within. Here is a trailer.

The studio themselves has this to say about the game:

Survive a haunted asylum and its monstrous Inhabitants. Confront a legendary killer who prowls the abandoned wards. Scavenge and create makeshift weapons or conserve your resources and employ stealth tactics to sneak past the lurking horrors. When all else fails, run for your life or find a place to hide. To escape, you must uncover the asylum’s dark mystery: the shattering secret that lead to its condemnation. There are many doors, but there is only one way out.

No solid release date info yet, but sometime this year would be an okay guess in our opinion. One interesting fact about the game is that it is being published by Amazon Games Studios, but will also be coming to non-Kindle platforms. This is not unique to the game, but it is a quite recent change of heart from Amazon, who used to publish exclusively on their own platforms in the past.