Longer wait for new PS3 SOCOM

Sony has revealed that the new PS3 Socom game, which was set to be released on both the PlayStation Store and on a Blu-ray Disc will no longer make its September 16th release in the US, and has now been pushed back to October 14th.

According to Sony on the the SOCOM website even “working late into the nights and every weekend” was not enough to finish the game on time, and it had to be push back.

Our top priority is delivering the best SOCOM online experience possible. Tough decisions had to be made and we’ve decided to push back the release date to October 14th, 2008,” comments SCEA’s Seth Luisi

We just had to face the facts and do what is best for the title. Rather than sacrifice features, quality and stability, we had to do the right thing and re-adjust our schedule.

There is currently no solid release date for Europe as of yet, which makes us all very sad pandas.