Long Bioshock PS3 install likely Update

Update: 2K has commented on the matter to Talk Playstation, and have said the game will have an install that is “around 5 or 6 minutes” at most. This honestly makes much more sense, and is a better conclusion to come to if you’ve read BBFC listing correctly. In fact, everything makes much more sense when you don’t write a news article late at night. Sorry 2K, sorry readers, sorry internet. Now, would you kindly disregard what we previously reported on the matter?

The release of Bioshock on the PS3 may still be a long way off, but according the BBFC – who have recently rated the upcoming game – players will apparently have to sit through a 24 minute install before they venture into the dystopian city of Rapture. We say apparently, as the listing is not very exact in it’s wording, and just remarks “00:05:24:00 BIOSHOCK PS INSTALL VID FINAL.BIK” as part of their listing.

However, if their comments turn out to be accurate, then a 24 minute install is about the same as the ones we sat through before playing Haze and Devil May Cry 4, and they were about 5GB in size.

Maybe we should start clearing out some space on our PS3 hard-drives?