Location Based Entertainment For Mobiles

The potentially innovative new role-playing title “The Shroud” aims to bring a deep & living world to life on mobile phones in North America.

“Your World Games, a newly formed publisher of mobile phone entertainment, today announced “The Shroud.” This first of its kind role-playing game promises to deliver the depth of a traditional console game on a mobile phone and at the same time, break new ground in GPS-enabled gameplay.

Mobile phone gamers will find a completely engrossing role-playing gameplay experience that has them championing their own farming community. Quickly they’ll be thrust into the position of an unlikely hero, protecting their local towns from mysterious forces, completing side quests, and solving puzzles. While the game is designed to play for short periods of time, an actual game with quests could last for months.

“The mobile platform should not limit a game design. Our goal is to set a new standard for depth in gameplay in the space,” said Robert Sprogis, Vice President of Your World Games. “We want to change the way people think about mobile games. They don’t have to be poor graphics and quick gameplay sessions. Instead we want to offer compelling stories, large worlds to explore, and take advantage of the mobility of the platform.”

Unique to The Shroud will be its implementation of GPS functionality. At anytime players can enter into contests by visiting real-world locations to compete for special items and high scores. The community is only heightened by an internet leader-board that will be available to check the rankings, buy and trade items, and share hints and tips with other players.

Your World is working with several mobile phone companies, but has not announced any details on which carriers will carry the title.

The full roll out of The Shroud will occur in Early 2006. For more information, please visit http//www.yourworldgames.com.

About Your World Games

Your World Games is a pioneering developer and publisher of location based wireless entertainment. By utilizing the most advanced features of today’s handsets and integrating GPS technology, Your World is bringing the first “real” games to mobile phones. Your World Games do more than entertain, they challenge players both physically and mentally, immersing players into virtual worlds intertwined with reality bringing to life a whole universe for the players. You’ll never look at the world around you the same way again.”