LMA Manager Heads To 360

It’s led the football management field for over five years on consoles and come spring 2006, LMA Manager 2006 takes it to the next generation with massively expanded editions for PC and the Xbox 360. Already a hit on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, LMA Manager 2006 is a real evolution for the series and is currently being enhanced for PC and Xbox 360 to become the most comprehensive edition ever created in the entire series making it the closest you are likely to get to being a real football manager.

Designed and developed by Codemasters’ internal LMA team, which has expanded its unparalleled expertise to include a dedicated PC development team, LMA Manager 2006 utilises a new game and database engine to handle more teams, a Transfer Market system with greater depth enabling more complex contract negotiations, a detailed 3D match section that brings the reality of match day alive and a host of advancements that specifically take advantage of the formats’ capabilities.