Peter New Game

Lionhead starts countdown to something-or-other, ends next Monday

If you head over to Lionhead’s official site, it is very evident they are counting down to something, which ends as GDC starts, early next week. No one knows what, and this news item could end here, but I will drag it out.

Peter Molyneux may single-handedly embark on a voyage into space when the timer ends. This is very unlikely, but it may happen. More likely, Molyneux may reveal a new game – one that could very well be fueled by the tears of small children. A new numbered entry in the Fable seires may be on the way too – which obviously will be significantly better than the last one, and we can probably plant a acorn and watch a tree grow this time. Maybe B.C is finally un-canceled, remember that one? Or maybe it will be a re-unveiling of Fable: The Journey – after the somewhat tame E3 showing. The Movies 2 is also a contender.

It also could be a 4 player coop game of some kind. Maybe. Just saying.