Lionhead likely to release new Fable II levels via DLC

On a special Fable II centric episode of Playr, a gaming show which airs on Bravo in the UK, Peter Molyneux has pretty much confirmed there will be at least one new level released in Fable 2 as downloadable content.

In the episode, which was recorded the day Fable II went gold (Septemeber 22), Molyneux was giving the show a tour around the Lionhead offices, and showing viewers the locations where the level designers, script writers and all those other important people work. When he got to one of the computers in the studio he commented “oh, that’s confidential that one,” to which one of the Lionhead employees commented “yeah, that one is downloadable content

That conversation in itself does not reveal much, but with Peter Molyneux being one of the most talkative people in the whole world he did not just leave it there, and went on to say “we wont say anymore about this level, because it’s a bit of a secret still.

So, if you toss all those choice quotes together it certainly hints that the guys and girls at Lionhead could have more than just bits of new weapons and armour to add to the game in the future, and instead may be planning to add completely new sections, quests, and brand new characters to the world of Albion.

Fable II will be hittng Euro shores on October 24th, which is not all that far away.