Half-Life 2 On DVD Only?

There have been so many rumours doing the rounds concerning Half-Life 2 in the last few months that many of us have lost count! The latest rumor though is an interesting one and maybe of some concern to a few of you.

Will Half Life 2 be released on DVD only in the UK? If the rumor is true it would seem like a sensible progression for PC gaming. Games are getting so big these days that there is nearly no room in the box to fit all the CD’s you need to install and play.

With Far Cry been released on DVD only earlier this year and doing very well at retail it would be a logical step for Valve to follow but remember this is still only a rumor yet.

Infact when the game is released in the state in a few months it will available in a six-CD version along with a more fully rounded DVD version featuring some extras. Will the UK follow suit?