Half-Life 2 leaks again

When Valve released test versions of Counter Strike Source to the press and Cyber Cafe members, they accidentaly included a .gcf file in the download. The file included was one which they definitly didn’t want the public to see. The file which contained the entire storyline of Half-Life 2, in the form of the dialogue spoken by the in game characters could not have simply been opened in any simple text editor, but a special program able to read these specific Half-Life files.

The dialogue, which contains every single spoken word in the game, included the super secret ending that Valve were desperatly trying to keep hidden until the release. As soon as Valve realised their mistake, they began a crack team style operation to remove every copy of the file from their distributions. They managed to successfully track down and retrieve all the secret files, which will be a huge relief to Valve, as I don’t think they would have been too happy if their storyline was plastered all over the Internet.

Thankfully they managed to spot the mistake, before the general release of Counter Strike Source to owners of Condition Zero, and the ATi Half-Life 2 pack, which took place on the 18th of August.