Liberty City Stories Multiplayer Modes Revealed

In a shocking development (yes really shocking!) it has been revealed that PSP’s Liberty City Stories, will support WiFi multiplayer functions. Rockstar have announced that the game will include seven multiplayer modes for up to six players, with games taking place in the game’s three city areas and played with up to 60 skins unlocked by playing the single-player game. Three modes include deathmatch-game Liberty City Survivor, capture-the-flag-alike Get Stretched which replaces the flags with carts, and gang-based grudge matches in Protection Racket. However, it seems the multiplayer is only for local players – that is, not online – and will most likely require each player to own a copy of the game (rather than relying on the PSP’s gameshare functions). More information (including detailed explanations for the three modes announced so far) can be found at the official GTALCS site

Source Edge Online