Less mature games being sold to underage in US

The US Federal Trade Commission report that the number of M-rated games being sold to people under the age rating has fallen.

In fact, it seem that only 20 per cent of all shoppers who were underage were able to get their hands on a game that they were not supposed to. That number has dropped from the highs of 42 per cent it was at in 2006.

GameStop are reportedly the top performer, stopping 94 per cent of sales. Wal-Mart and Best Buy were not far behind as they refused 80 per cent young shoppers.

Apparently the music and the DVD industry is much farther behind with cashiers only saying no to music 47 per cent of the time, R-rated DVDs only getting refused 38 per cent of the time, and unrated DVDs only 17 per cent of the time.