Leisure Suit Larry creator labels new game a “disaster”

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, developed by Team 17 and published by Codemasters, was released earlier this month. The original creator of the Leisure Suit Larry franchise, Al Lowe, was in no way involved with the game, but now that it is out, and getting hammered in most reviews, he decided to air his opinion.

All I know about [Box Office Bust] is what I’ve read online. VU (and later Activision, Team 17 and Codemasters) did not consult me nor discuss anything about this game with me. In fact, they’ve expressed no interest in me whatsoever,” he comments on his personal website.

For a while, I hoped that they would remember to send me a review copy. Now that the reviews are in, it’s just as well that they didn’t!

Lowe goes onto say that Codemasters were quick to highlight the game’s executive producer, John Melchior, wanted to make a game that Al Lowe would like to play. However, Lowe now says “I wonder why he didn’t just ask me?”

He closes by commenting “Thank you, VU Games, for keeping me completely away from this latest disaster!”